Journey Planning

This page is all about providing you with some resources to inspire!

Maybe you are looking for ways to travel someone like Europe? Well below you’ll see a style of travel like rail based itineraries, ocean or river cruising, self drive, small to large group tours, villas which you may not have considered before!

Have a look and then talk to us for more information on what the experience will be like, how they might combine together and which will be the best fit for you.

Fully escorted journeys

Bespoke itineraries

Villa stays

Ocean and expedition cruising

small to large group Coach touring

Rail itineraries

River Cruising worldwide

SElf drive - car and motorhome



Plan for a variable pace

Some of the magic behind a holiday is in the pacing. Flying all the way to London only to jump the next day on a whirlwind tour of Europe before flying right back will leave you needing a holiday after your holiday. Add in a stopover, a villa stay at the end or just spend a little time exploring the destination city from the doorstep of your hotel too.

Skip the line

You have two short days in Paris, and have always dreamed of ascending the Eiffel tower.

You make your way there only to find…a queue, average time ~4 hours, time you don’t have to waste.

This missed dream could easily have been a dream achieved with a little advanced planning.

Always use a professional

This had to make the list – we think it’s the most important point! With anywhere between 15,000 and 25,000 HOURS planning holidays earned by each member of our staff we’ll help you make your next holiday so good you’ll likely be ready to start planning the next one as soon as you are back!

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