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“Without new experiences, something inside us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.

Private and Group Touring

Range of tour packages to explore from Europe tour packages to Italian villa holidays from the best in the business

Choosing one of our Europe or worldwide tour packages from  a reputable travel company such as Trafalgar or Globus, means that you will be the guest of experts that have been operating for years (decades in many cases) in the destination – so you will benefit from their knowledge, buying power, and special access. In addition you will experience the charm and appeal of touring with other travellers, people whom you can share the excitement of the journey with – from an Italian villa holiday to a mountain biking tour.


Group touring

Unique Experiences

Group tours get to enjoy things that some travelers simply do not. Whether it is late night access to the Vatican, or a special dinner in a museum  after hours special access excursions that are only available through a group tour make for an amazing holiday.

See the must do's and some hidden gems

An organized group tour guarantees that the most important sites are included in the tour while also including some hidden gems that you may not discover on your own, or even be able to access! It also ensures that you maximize the use of your time and allocates the required amount of time for each attraction.

Stress Free

Having a tour director by your side takes the stress out of your holiday. All of your excursions are well thought-out and planned ahead of time. The tour director is also on stand-by to help alleviate any issues that pop up with traveling. Your only responsibility is to sit back and enjoy each stop on your itinerary. All group tours have a group leader who is with the group for the entirety of the itinerary.

NEw Friends

Group tours are a great way of building up your network of friends. You automatically create a bond with the members of the group as you share lifelong memories and experiences together. You may even plan another tour with some of these friends. Sharing new travel experiences can bond people for life and lead to more shared adventures in the future.

Learn From The Rest

Each member of the group can bring a different perspective to the tour and this allows you to learn more about a particular location or indeed enhance your opinion about a particular site. You can learn a lot on a group tour. The driver alone is a font of knowledge who can tell you more about a location as you drive past it than reading any guide book would.

safety and Security

Because you will have a tour manager with experience in the area they will have lots of local knowledge and be able to provide insights to keep you secure and safe. Should a problem occur they will also know the best way to solve it.

Cost Effective

Group tours tend to be less expensive than similar itienraries done indepenently because the costs of vehicles and guides are averaged out over the whole group. The larger the group, generally the lower the cost.

Never Alone

Traveling in a group means you are with a wide variety of people with similar interests. A group tours could consist of people who have been fast friends for years or a group of strangers who just share similar interests – some with a mixture of both. You are automatically widening your circle of companions and there will be lots of people to share the exact holiday you want.

Further off the beaten track

The logistics of transport are always a barrier when it comes to getting off the normal road and railways. Not an obstacle for a group tour though, as highly trained coach drivers can get most anywhere it is desirable to go, allowing you to access areas that would be to challenging to access otehrwise.

Luxury Touring

Group tours in the Luxury category tend to have centrally located 5 star hotels and boutique. While prices are higher upfront, your on tour costs tend to me very minimal, and your experiences, accommodation, transport and more are of the highest quality.

The Scenic route to global success

From humble beginnings to world-renowned luxury cruise and tour operator, in 2016 Scenic celebrated 30 years as a leader in its field. The Scenic team has worked tirelessly to earn a world-class reputation for creating and delivering the ultimate cruising and touring itineraries for travellers who seek wondrous experiences and exceptional 5-star service.


Founded in Newcastle by Glen Moroney, the company started in 1986 with coach tours operating throughout Australia. In the early 1990s this expanded to New Zealand, followed by Norfolk Island in 1997 and Southern Africa in 1998. By the end of the decade Scenic started hosting tours to Canada and Alaska and thanks to our on-going commitment to ingenuity and a passion for travel we were soon the leading touring company in Canada and Alaska.

Throughout the early 2000s new destinations across Europe and Russia, throughout Asia and South and Central America were soon part of our tour itineraries.


A new and historic chapter commenced in 2008 as Scenic took on the exciting world of ship-building.

Our first exclusive, all-inclusive Scenic Space-Ships were launched on Europe’s waterways; more akin to floating hotels, it wasn’t long before guests were flocking to experience private balconies, world-class dining and butler service.

Over the next seven years we continued to grow our Scenic Space-Ship fleet as well as upgrading our existing ships to bring the ultimate in luxury to all our river cruising guests. In 2016 we have a grand total of 20 ships sailing across Europe rivers including, the Main, Rhine and Danube as well as on the Volga River in Russia. We’ve come to be known as the France River Cruise Specialist with ships on the Seine, Bordeaux, Saône and Rhône rivers and in 2016 we began sailing through beautiful Portugal on the Douro.

Our first foray in South East Asia River Cruising happened in 2016. Scenic Spirit launched in January 2016 and provides an unsurpassed level on luxury on the Mekong River. Scenic’s newest river cruise ship, Scenic Aura, launched on Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River in September 2016, offering the ultimate in pampering whilst on board.


In 2015, as we prepared for a new chapter that would take us into a whole new travel realm, Scenic Tours went through a significant rebrand. The new Scenic brand focuses on the sense of wonder we give our guests.

And wonder is certainly what we hope they felt with the launch in January 2016 of our most exciting and ambitious chapter yet: Scenic Eclipse – The World’s First Discovery Yachts. Setting a new standard for ocean cruising, Scenic Eclipse are equipped with two on board helicopters and a seven-seat submarine, taking guests to places previously thought inaccessible. With an on board Discovery Team, a range of shore excursions and unparalleled luxury and service, the World’s First Discovery Yachts truly eclipse all expectations.

The Tauck Difference
Delivering outstanding personal service, uncompromising standards for quality, and a steadfast commitment to making the most of your vacation time… a brand promise we made back in 1925, and haven’t deviated from since. Guests Talk Tauck

Wherever we travel, we’re all about taking you to explore the world’s treasures… discover people and cultures you may not have known even existed… and experience extraordinary, life-changing moments. Nobody expresses this better than our guests themselves. Since 1925, we’ve built our company on the personal referrals and recommendations of our guests. 

Group Travel

Who you travel with can be so important… and guests tell us that traveling in good company – meeting interesting, like-minded people who enjoy travel as much as they do – is a big part of the Tauck experience. They say that making new friends with whom they can go behind the scenes to discover new cultures, share exclusive experiences and enjoy those little Tauck surprises is one of the joys of traveling with us.

Traveling well includes getting the best value for your money. Our guests feel that it’s not about spending as little as you can, but about what you get for what you spend… and that a Tauck trip is worth every penny. They say the exclusive experiences we provide, the great hotels they stay in, and the exemplary service they receive often far exceeds their expectations… and that with Tauck, they get their money’s worth and more.


Insight Vacations

About Insight Vacations
As a global leader in luxury guided vacations, Insight Vacations has been crafting magical journeys that embody the “Art of Travelling in Style” for 40 years. Through meticulous planning, detailed preparation and boundless passion, Insight’s collection of award-winning itineraries showcase the most outstanding destinations and curated experiences in Europe and North America. Guided by a highly-skilled Travel Director, guests can look forward to travelling in smaller groups, savouring authentic dining and enjoying a range of immersive Insight Experiences.

For Insight, travel is not just about going to incredible places: it’s also about connecting with those places in an authentic way. They’ll show you a range of fascinating and unique experiences, allowing you to get to know your destination intimately through incredible activities, meaningful interactions and expert local insights. You’ll also enjoy a variety of mouth-watering dining experiences designed to give you an authentic flavour of the places you’ll visit.

Insight want you to feel entirely at ease and relaxed throughout your vacation, which is why you’ll travel and stay in style. With groups that average 33 travellers (maximum 40), Insight guests have more time to enjoy each destination and to really get to know each other. Reduced wait times and smaller, sociable groups allow for easier travel and more quality time in your destination. As far as accommodation is concerned, you’ll stay in hotels that are truly exceptional in terms of style, location and service. Your experienced and knowledgeable Travel Director will also take care of everything, from hotel check-ins and tips for your luggage.

Insight will take you on an unforgettable journey, immerse you in unique experiences, and introduce you to amazing people. The magic begins here!



Luxury Gold

Luxury Gold sets an unmatched standard with its collection of award-winning luxury escorted journeys. Guided by a Travelling Concierge, Luxury Gold is a journey beyond the ordinary, where guests enjoy exclusive VIP Experiences, savour exceptional dining and relax in sophisticated, luxury hotels on every curated itinerary. As global leaders in luxury travel with expertise accumulated over nearly 100 years, Luxury Gold epitomises extraordinary exploration to some of the world’s most spectacular destinations.

Wherever you go, Luxury Gold will delight and surprise you with remarkable experiences, tastes, sights and sounds, and introduce you to incredible people renowned within their specialist fields. You’ll have exclusive access to famous landmarks not open to the general public and have access to “sold out” tickets to cultural events, many of which are near-impossible to experience as an independent traveller. Throughout each journey, there are also stand-out dining experiences, perhaps at a Michelin star restaurant in an impressive location, or with a stunning view, or a very special ambiance.

Luxury Gold invites you to savour every moment of your escorted journey, because your dedicated Travelling Concierge is with you all the way. From spa appointments to recommendations on local exploration, they take care of every detail and tailor the trip to your wishes and whims. Not only will they provide suggestions for dining on your free evenings, but they will also make reservations and arrangements to ensure an exceptional experience. Whatever you need to make your journey that much more special, your Travelling Concierge is there to help.


Premium Touring

Group tours in the Premium category tend to have centrally located 4 star hotels, comfortable private transport, a guide and driver. The “must do’s” of each location are included, with a balance of free time (with optional excursions to be had if desired).

Globus - large group size

It’s time to getaway, rediscover yourself and breathe life into the holiday you’ve always imagined! The Globus family of brands is excited to deliver this and so much more. With over 90 years of travel experience, you can rest assured that your holiday will be taken care of at every step of the way.

With Globus you can expect exceptional value for money and a first-class holiday. We allow you to experience the very best of your chosen destination with more inclusions, conveniently located superior hotels, and our exclusive Local FavouritesSM that take you behind-the-scenes to really spotlight what makes the destination unique. Or travel in the European wintertime with Escapes by Globus – minus the crowds and the high-season prices.

Trafalgar - large group size

Trafalgar crafts unique journeys that connect travellers to the real depth of the places they go, without them needing to worry about a thing. With over 70 years of destination expertise, Trafalgar continue to deliver exceptional holidays to their guests. From carefully-curated trips and exclusive Be My Guest experiences, to their tribe of passionate Travel Directors and Local Specialists, Trafalgar enables you to discover the rich diversity of the world. No matter what trip you choose, you can be assured that your itinerary will be packed with real experiences that will connect you to the soul of the places you go. You’ll see the icons, but also break bread with the locals who are proud to bring you into their homes, share their cultures and tell their tales.

With expert Travel Directors, comfortable transport, quality accommodation, plenty of meals and unique highlights included, Trafalgar gives you the freedom to just be; be in the moment, be happy, be inspired. With a 97% guest satisfaction rate on independent reviews provider, Feefo, Trafalgar are the ultimate champions of happy. After all, it’s the feedback from over five million happy guests that fuel their innovation to craft “Simply the Best” trips.

Get those ‘pinch me’ moments through a series of Trafalgar Highlights other travellers may never know about, or have access to. On each trip, you can expect a variety of Hidden Gems shared by your expert Travel Director, and access to the iconic sites that you’ve always dreamt of visiting.

But that’s just the beginning.

We’ve delved deeper into the destinations you love, to deliver you a collection of local experiences you won’t find with anyone else. Leave the guidebooks at home and let us show you the real thing, without worrying about a thing.


Albatross - small to medium group size

Specially for you

Each and every one of our tours have been designed specially for you – Australians and New Zealanders. Like-minded travellers, like you, seeking a more fulfilling European holiday experience. We understand you want more from an escorted tour than a few hurried, all too brief visits to the destinations you have travelled so far to see.

Relaxing 3, 4 and even 5 night stays

Our tours are designed with a leisurely pace featuring 3, 4 and even 5 night stays in each captivating city or region.  We consider 2 nights stays to be the absolute minimum!

Let’s face it nobody likes continuously checking in and out of hotels, unpacking their bags each evening, and then  having to re-pack them again early the next morning. So, relax with Albatross Tours and enjoy your holiday.

See more and experience more with Albatross

When we design our tours we first look at each region and we ask what must be done, what can be done, and what should be done. Our objective is to give you a more rewarding experience and allow you time to ‘stay a while’ and savour the destination. We then break these down into carefully balanced touring days. Some days might have quite conventional visits to towns and cities. On other days we will add activities that are distinctly provincial, maybe quirky or possibly even something for the simple pleasure of it.

‘My time’ guaranteed!

‘My Time’enables for more time for you to relax, to explore, at your own pace. Time to immerse yourself in each destination, perhaps to window shop, wander the streets of delightful towns and villages, or mingle with the locals at a café. Because we feature longer stays on all our itineraries, you are guaranteed to enjoy ‘My Time’on every Albatross tour. We have designed our holidays to ensure adequate, well planned ‘free time’.

Albatross Tours offer genuinely inclusive tours!

Albatross tours are genuinely inclusive and include all of those special excursions and visits, sightseeing tours and feature dinners. We even include the end of tour tips to your tour manager and driver! You will never be confronted with a long ‘optional activities list’. We believe these expensive, later charged, hidden extras (usually costing over $100 per person per day) are entirely predictable – so we have already included these experiences for you in our tours. This means you will find it far easier to budget for your daily holiday expenses and you will have complete transparency on where you money is going.

We encourage you to compare our tour prices on a cost per day basis, and take into consideration that Albatross Tours have NO additional ‘on tour’ costs. Rest assured, by the time you get back home and walk back through your front door you will not have paid any more.

Small Group Touring

The average group size with Albatross is just 22 passengers – on a full-size coach! We cap our tours at 28 travellers and give you the peace of mind to know we guarantee our tours will depart with as few as just 10!

Albatross Tours is one of the earliest innovators of small group touring. We saw the enormous benefits our travellers would enjoy when combining small, more personal groups with longer stays at each delightful destination. There is a massive difference!

Everything is personal

You’ve travelled far to experience Europe. With Albatross Tours, you’ll never feel like just one of the crowd, you’ll feel special. Our small group size means our client to Tour Manager ratio is halved and you are guaranteed a high level of personal service and attention

Where you stay is important

Unique Hotels, Superb Locations

Picture yourself relaxing on the geranium-trimmed balcony of a family run Gasthof, or waking up in a stunning palace hotel In addition to centrally located first class city hotels, we believe your European experience should be enhanced  with memorable stays in unique hotels, steeped in local character. So, in Italy you’ll sleep in a grand villa or a beautifully renovated ‘Sassi’ cave, in France in a 16th century château and our ‘Best of British’ tour culminates in the exclusive use of magnificent Leeds Castle.

Back-Roads - Small group size

Our passion is delivering small group holidays that delve a little deeper. Travelling along scenic roads beyond the reach of larger vehicles, our tours invite you to see each destination through the eyes of the people who know it best: the locals who call it home.

Picture a touring holiday that delves a bit deeper.

One that doesn’t simply drop by top sights and major cities, but invites you to see a destination through the eyes of the people who know it best: the locals who call it home. Where journeys are made for absorbing never-to-be-forgotten views, not darting from A to B. And each day ends in a hand-picked retreat brimming with local charm.

At Back-Roads Touring, we’ve spent over 30 years creating these kinds of small group tours. We know that the best kind of adventure is one that introduces you to local experiences and sights while providing you with the time and space to explore independently.

The key ingredient? Experienced Tour Leaders who can turn an exciting getaway into something truly extraordinary. They’ll tell you the stories and secrets behind stately homes as you wander the corridors; show you the perfect position to see the sunset over a city skyline; and point you towards the exact patch of coastline where you can try oysters straight off the boat.

All the while, you can be confident that your Back-Roads tour is being run responsibly and with sustainable tourism in mind. In fact, our commitment to green practices has earned us a Silver Green Tourism rating

At Back-Roads, we’re dedicated to providing our guests with the best travel experience possible, and this passion has helped us to achieve several prestigious industry awards. For the past four years in a row, we’ve won the ‘Best Small Coach Holiday Company’ award at the British Travel Awards – and our commitment to responsible travel has earned us a Silver Green Tourism rating.

Peregrine - Small group size

At Peregrine, we deliver premium adventures to over 80 destinations.

Curated experiences

We’ll start with the highlights, but when the big tour groups hop back on their coach, our local guides will help you find a more unique, personal experience.

Small groups

In 40 years of travel we’ve learned 12 people is the perfect number for comfort and good company, which is why we only have 12 people on each of our small group adventures.

Experienced leaders

Our experienced leaders unlock unique local experiences for thousands of travellers every day, that’s why they’re some of the most awarded in the industry.

Responsible travel

Giving back to the destinations we visit is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we choose to support local economies by employing leaders from the regions we visit, carbon offset every trip at no extra cost to our and advocate for child protection and animal rights in the tourism industry.



Adventure/Experiential and Budget Touring

Group tours in the Adventure category can range in accommodation and transport quality by company and destination, but tend to focus on authentic interactions with the local people and environment. Commonly there is some level of physical ability required as a tour may include hiking, biking, canoeing or the like.

Group touring in the Budget touring category often tend to have just accommodation, transport and guide. Less upfront inclusions, accommodation further from premium center city locations, but with access to optional addon’s and lots of free time to explore on your own. The budget touring category is realyl good for travellers who are used to non-group travel, but now want to logistic’s sorted so they can focus on their free time exploration…while also giving them the opportunity to meet and make friends with like minded people whom they may wish to experience a destination with.

Intrepid - small group - adventure/experiential

Intrepid Travel has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1989.

Back then, who would have known a company that began with two bearded backpackers, a typewriter and a kitchen table would eventually grow into the world’s largest small-group adventure tour company, carrying over 100,000 travellers across the globe each year. And although we’re a bit larger these days – with 1,800 local staff based around the world and over 1,000 different trips across every continent (not to mention multiple kitchen tables) – our mission remains the same. We still get a kick out of responsible travel, small groups and very (very) big adventures.


G Adventures - small group - adventure/experiential

About G Adventures

Because you want to live it, taste it, try it, learn from it, and bring what you offer to it. Small group adventure travel brings you closer to our world, its people, their culture, and their way of life. We don’t just offer the world. We offer you to the world.

We’re the small-group adventure travel experts, and have been for over 20 years. We got that way by listening to travellers and giving them what they want: Top-notch tours in top-notch places with top-notch staff at great prices.

We we have a range of trip styles for you:


  • Classic Tours
  • National Geographic Journeys
  • Family National Geographic Journeys
  • 18 to 30 something tours
  • Wellness Tours
  • Active Tours
  • Rail Tours
  • Marine Tours
  • Local Living Torus
  • Family Tours
Cosmos - large group - budget touring

From as little as $144 per person per day, you can take advantage of the fantastic value of a Cosmos tour. Cosmos covers the essentials, offering a great mix of included excursions and free time.

At Cosmos, we’re not just hooked on travel as a destination, but on the way travel makes you feel. Our promise is to make holidays you’ll never forget, and success is all about delivering a hassle-free holiday for you. 

Our story began in Switzerland 90 years ago, where local legend Antonio Mantegazza bought a row boat to transport tourists over Lake Lugano. Sharing with them the stories and secrets of the locals, Antonio’s passion for travel gave birth to the Globus Travel Group, from which Cosmos was born. 

Now, with over 50 years of experience and ‘wow’ under our belts, Cosmos have world value travel figured out and there is no sign of us slowing down. 

Our passion is to take you to the must-see places that set your imagination on fire. With the help of our knowledgeable friends, your Local Guides and Tour Directors, we constantly unearth new local secrets to make your adventure as awestonishing as possible. 

Connect with a new world of people, places and experiences; ignite your travel imagination and feel alive. It’s simple, made special. 



Costsaver - large group - budget touring

Lasting travel memories don’t have to cost the earth. Our value tours cover all the essentials, while providing you the building blocks to tailor your dream holiday. 

 With quality transport, accommodation, city tours and plenty of meals included, you’re then able to tailor your trip with our selection of hand-crafted Optional Experiences – or simply uncover each destination your way. 

That’s the CostSaver way.


  • Sightseeing tours in all major cities
  • Expert Travel Director and Local Specialists to guide the way
  • All breakfasts included (in Europe and Britain)
  • Up to half your three-course dinners included* (*Euro trips only)
  • Luxury air-conditioned coaches
  • Quality 3 and 4-star hotels
  • Tips, tolls, taxes & porterage included
  • Transfers to and from airport on first and last day* (*except itineraries starting/ending in London)

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