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Bespoke Travel

An experienced travel agent to complete all your bespoke tour arrangements

We are travel agents who specialise in tailoring your travel package to include all your heart desires. We’ll be your hardworking travel partner to get everything on your personal wishlist onto your itinerary, aiming for the price you’re looking for. 

What is Bespoke Travel?

If a journey or holiday is tailored to an individual clients wants and needs it is considered to be bespoke.

At Spirit of Travel we believe there is an art to crafting a bespoke holiday. Therefore we collaborate, ask the right questions, look at your travel history, and aim for the highest standard.

What is the process to book a bespoke journey?

Like the journey itself the process is personalized, but we have systems to help us deliver the highest quality experience. Your holiday is as important to us as it is to you.

Step 1: We spend the time to learn as much about who you are as a traveller, like:

  • Your past travel, what you loved, what you didn’t, what you would do differently
  • Your Wishlist – What is a must do, what is a “be nice to do”, and what would just be a nice bonus
  • What excites you about the destination you have chosen and why
  • What standard of accommodation you prefer
  • What you aren’t aware of that we can educate you on
  • What you know that we can unlock doors to achieving

Step 2: We work with our partners worldwide to craft a plan for you based on what we uncover in step 1.

Step 3: We present the plan to you for your approval or modification, amending as/if needed.

Step 4: With a plan in place we secure the arrangements for your journey.

Step 5: Between confirmation and your departure we monitor and changes which may take place which could affect your holiday. Examples like renovations at hotels or a new exhibit opening which might appeal.

Step 6: We prepare your finalized documents 2-4 weeks before your journey, and present them to you.

Step 7: You are off and away and while we aim to have everything set, safe and sorted before hand, we are an asset to you while away.

Step 8: We welcome you back, and invite feedback on how we did. This is when many of our clients will already start talking about the next journey.

How does Bespoke Travel fit with my plans?

Whether you are looking at having your entire time away organized or just a segment; we can bring a high level of quality to your journey.

Do note that better results are achieved for your holiday when we are involved in the whole process.

Can you still book my cruise or group tour?

Yes! Absolutely.

A great deal of the time bespoke travelling will involve group tours and cruises if they are the right fit for our client. 

It really is about making sure you get the holiday you are looking for.

What size of a group is fitting for a bespoke journey?

It is all about personalization, so we can create a plan around solo travellers, couples or a larger group lieka  family or group of friends.

The larger the group the more variety in interests and needs, but there are many ways we can work to satisfy everyone. We have experience working with groups small, medium and large.

Could you give an example of what a bespoke holiday might look like?

With pleasure, below you’ll find a few examples of itineraries organized for other clients in the past:

Egypt - Crafted for a couple wanting a luxurious Egyptian experience - Private Car touring and Luxury River Cruise

On arrival into Cairo you will be met prior to immigration and handed your visa by one of our helpful local representatives.


This morning you will be picked up from your hotel for your full day sightseeing tour of the Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis and Sakkara. Begin your tour with a visit to Memphis which served as the capital of Upper and Lower Egypt some 5000 years ago during the First Dynasty. Continue to Sakkara, one of the most exciting historical and archaeological areas in all of Egypt. Dominated by the famous Step Pyramid of King Zoser this was the first pyramid to be built in ancient Egypt, preceding those at Giza by many centuries. Continue to the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza where you will see the great pyramid built by Cheops and containing more than 2.3 million cubic metres of stone. (Lunch not included) (B)

Today you will be picked up from your Giza hotel and transferred to the airport for a flight to Luxor.

On arrival into Luxor you will be met by a local representative and transferred to your hotel.

Your accommodation in Luxor has been reserved at Hilton Luxor for 1 Night in a Classic room including: Buffet Breakfast

Beautifully located beside the Nile and close to Luxor’s famous Karnak Temple, the Hilton Luxor has recently undergone a complete renovation. The property now boasts chic modern architecture combined with authentic local style, and offers 236 well-appointed rooms, a stunning spa, a choice of seven bars and restaurants and two infinity pools, each at the edge of the Nile.

Depart with your private guide for a memorable tour of Luxor. Your first visit of the day will be to the Temple of Medinat Habu which is the Mortuary Temple of Ramses III. Later, visit Howard Carter’s house. Neglected for a long time, the house has now been restored to its former state by the famous Egyptologist and Archaeologist Dr Zahi Hawass and now offers a fascinating insight into the life of Howard Carter in an amazing 1920 atmosphere.

This afternoon, return to the East Bank and visit the Mummification Museum which contains everything you would ever wish to know about mummification. The ancient Egyptians believed that in order for a person to reach the afterlife, it was essential that both their body and their name remained, so their Soul would be transported from one life to the next. In order to achieve this, the mummification rituals were developed to preserve the body. The museum contains several human and animal mummies as well as the tools and the canopic jars needed for the ritual.
Later this afternoon transfer back to your hotel. (B)

Today you will be transferred from your hotel to the port for your Nile cruise, the Sonesta St. George Nile Cruise Boat, which will be your floating hotel for the next four nights.

Seeing the Nile for the first time one can understand the words of Herodotus ‘Egypt is the gift of the Nile’. This afternoon in an unforgettable excursion; explore Luxor Temple, built by two kings, Amenophis III and Ramses II. After touring Luxor Temple continue to Karnak Temple, the main centre of worship in ancient Egypt. Overnight in Luxor. (L,D).

This morning cross the Nile to the West Bank. Today’s highlights include the Necropolis of Thebes and the Valley of the Kings, where you’ll find the tombs of the Theban rulers, such as Ramses II and Tutankhamun. Also tour the Valley of the Queens, the Mortuary Temple of Hatchepsut, the only woman Pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt. See the famed Colossi of Memnon facing the Nile. Enjoy Lunch on board and an afternoon at leisure as we sail onto Edfu for your overnight stop. (B,L,D).
(Entrance fees to Tutankhamun’s Tomb to be paid direct).

This morning visit Edfu where remains from the Old Kingdom can be viewed as well as the Temple of Horus and houses of the Byzantine period. Sail to Kom Ombo and view its famous temple completed during the reign of Ptolemy during 181-146B.C. This temple was shared by the two Gods, Sobek and Haroeris. See the beautiful murals, bas relief and fine views of the river. Overnight in Kom Ombo. (B,L,D).

This morning we will travel towards Aswan as you enjoy breakfast on board. Highlights today will include the Aswan Dams at the end of Lake Nasser, the re-sited Temple of Philae and the Granite Quarries which provided stone for Karnak & Luxor Temples. In the afternoon sail on the Nile by felucca (Egyptain Sailboat) around Kitchener Island and Agha Khan Mausoleum. Overnight in Aswan. (B,L,D).

Disembark this morning after breakfast and transfer to your flight to Abu Simbel (B).

Fly this morning over the ancient Kingdom of Nubia to Abu Simbel on the northern shore of Lake Nasser. You will be met and transferred to your hotel for overnight with dinner and breakfast.

This afternoon, enter the site with one of the locally appointed English speaking guides. Visit the Temples of Ramses II and marvel at the legacy of one of the greatest Pharaohs, as well as at the tremendous engineering feat that saved it from the rising waters of Lake Nasser. Return to hotel for dinner and overnight. (B,D)

Optional this evening. Attend the Sound and Light show at Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in all of Egypt, not only for its historical significance, but for the great engineering success in moving these temples to their present location.

Of all the temples of Egyptian antiquity, amongst the most spectacular and best preserved are the Temples of Abu Simbel. The master builder was Ramses II, one of Egypt’s greatest Pharaohs. The larger temple celebrates the Pharaoh himself while the smaller one honours his wife Queen Nefertari. When the new Lake Nasser Dam was built in the 1960s, the temples were moved to save them from a watery grave. In an amazing feat of engineering, the temples were hewn into huge blocks of thirty tonnes each and relocated 180m further inland.

A note of caution: The Sun Temple and Colossi of Ramses II are located on a sandy cliff overlooking Lake Nasser. To approach this monument site you walk along a rocky and uneven sandy path.

This morning, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Aswan.(B)

Welcome to Aswan.

Aswan, Egypt’s sunniest southern city and ancient frontier town located about 100km south of Luxor, has a distinctively African atmosphere with the local Nubian population. Small enough to walk around and graced with the most beautiful setting on the Nile, the pace of life is slow and relaxing. In Aswan, the Nile is at its most beautiful, flowing through amber desert and granite rocks, round emerald islands covered in palm groves and tropical plants. Explore the souk, full of the scent and colour of spices, perfumes, scarves and baskets.

The Old Cataract is one of the finest hotels in one of the most stunning locations in Egypt. Built on the banks of the river Nile, guests have enjoyed the service and comfort of this legendary hotel since 1899. Immortalized by Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’, the hotel uniquely combines architectural styles from the East and the Victorian Era. Guest rooms offer a contemporary Egyptian style and provide a peaceful sanctuary to observe the Nile from your balcony.

Remainder of the day at leisure top soak up the atmosphere of this stunning hotel. We suggest having a sundowner or high tea on the balcony overlooking the Nile.

Today you will be met at your hotel and transferred to the airport for your flight to Cairo.

Upon arrival into Cairo you will be transferred to the station for your train to Alexandria.

Board your train from Cairo to Alexandria
Note: This is a first class Egyptian Rail Train.

On arrival by train into Alexandria at you will be met by a local representative and transferred to your hotel

This morning day at leisure to explore Alexandria. Wander the corniche and maybe partake in some nice freshly caught fish at a local restaurant.

Today you will be picked up from your hotel for your half day tour of Alexandria. Start with a visit of Pompeii’s Pillar: a column of red Aswan granite standing some 90 feet high, with a circumference of 27 feet, the pillar was erected in honour of the Emperor Diocletian. Continue with the Catacombs of Kom El-Shouqafa. These tombs were tunnelled into bedrock at the time of the Antonine emperors in the 2nd century AD for a single wealthy family still practicing the ancient religion. Although the funerary motifs are purely ancient Egyptian, the architects and artists were schooled in the Greco-Roman style. Finally, visit Alexandria National Museum. The museum comprises more than 1800 archaeological pieces that narrate the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic, Islamic, and modern history of Egypt. One display features pieces picked up from the seabed at Abu Ker Bay and the eastern harbour near the Qaitbay Citadel.

After the tour transfer to the station for your train to Cairo. On arrival into Cairo you will be met and transferred to your hotel.

When the hotel first opened in 1959, the iconic Nile Ritz Carlton hosted the world’s most powerful and famous including Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra or Nelson Rockefeller. In 2015, the hotel was fully renovated to bring back historic luxury in the heart of Cairo’s Downtown. Superbly overlooking the Nile and a stroll away from the new Egyptian Museum & the Cairo Opera House, the hotel features 331 rooms & suites designed by Frank Nicholson and offers City or Nile views, four fine dining restaurants and three bars as well as an outdoor pool & Spa.

Day 12 CAIRO
This morning you will be picked up from your hotel for your full day sightseeing tour of Cairo Museum, Citadel, Mosque and Bazaars. Visit the Egyptian Museum where you can view the glittering treasures of ancient Egypt. Continue to the Citadel which dominates Cairo’s skyline. Also visit the Mohammed Ali Mosque commissioned by Mohammed Ali Pasha between 1830 and 1848. Your tour ends with a visit to the 14th century Khan El Khalili Bazaar where many bargains may be found.(lunch not included) (B)

Day 13 CAIRO
Today you will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the airport for your flight.


Borneo - Crafted for a couple, plant and wildlife experiences - Private car touring, national parks and safari


Arrive into Kuching and after your transfer to your hotel, spend the rest of the day settling in and exploring the city.



Morning transfer to Bako National Park

Bako National Park, situated about 38 km from Kuching on the Maura Tebas peninsular at the mouth of the Sarawak River,  can be reached by car and longboat in 1½-hours.  The journey takes you past beautiful nipah palms, coconut plantations and mangrove swamps.  A unique feature of Bako is the way nature has delightfully combined spectacular landscapes of steep coastline cliffs, weather eroded rock formations and wave beaten sea stacks with abundant flora and fauna, wildlife and a thriving mangrove swamp.  It is a rare place that should please even the most demanding photographer or wildlife and nature enthusiast. Bako supports several types of distinct vegetation open shrub lands and hardy flora at the plateau of the hill range, changing to lush and tall rain-forest trees and plants, lowland dipterocarp forest on the slopes and finally to casuarinas and mangrove trees along the coast.  It is also home to numerous species of birds, snakes and animals such as the proboscis monkeys, long tailed macaques, wild boars, sambar deer and monitor lizards.  Sixteen well demarcated paths within the parks can be followed without any difficulty or fear of getting lost.  Either packed lunch or coffee shop style lunch at the park`s canteen will be provided.



The Gunung Gading National Park is located in the Lundu area, a 1½-hour drive northeast of Kuching. It features a complex of mountains rising into several peaks, the highest being Gunung Gading, (906 metres) from which the park derived its name. Numerous magnificent waterfalls tumble down in series in the upper reaches of the Lundu River creating an idyllic jungle setting.

The area abounds with numerous rare plants, the most notable being the Rafflesia tuanmudae which is reputed to be the world`s largest and proven to be the only cannibalistic plant in the world. The flowers produce a strong odour to attract insects and also produce a slimy substance to digest their victims.

The rafflesia measures almost a metre in width, when in full bloom! It takes a few months for the flower bud to bloom into a full size flower. The flower will last a few days before the next season comes again. There is no specific flowering season in the park. A proper trekking trail is marked and built with wooden planks. Take a dip in the clear running stream or the man made pool in the park!

Note:  Sighting of Raflessia is subject to bloom on day of visit and is not guaranteed.



Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is situated 30 minutes away from the city by road. Animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts won`t want to miss out on this excursion, which features a 740 acre sanctuary for a number of Sarawak`s indigenous wildlife including the original ” Man Of The Forest” – the unique and gentle Orang Utan.  The best time to see the Orang Utan is before feeding time. During this moment, you will see many of them swing out from the forest to the centre’s feeding platform. This will be a lifetime experience for any tourist to get a close encounter with Orang Utan. Feeding is done twice a day by the park rangers.  Most of the Orang Utan have been taken from illegal captivity during the illegal logging activities and poaching of animals in the jungle . Therefore , there are not many of them left in the jungle of Borneo . In the centre, they are slowly rehabilitated to go back to their natural habitat.



Pick-up from hotel lobby and transfer to airport after tour to catch flight to Mulu, where on arrival a transfer will take you to Mulu National Park.

Take a scenic 3km plank walk through primary rain-forest to the entrance of Deer Cave. Deer Cave has the world’s largest cave entrance and is the largest single cave passage in the world – about 120-150 m in diameter, or it can fit St. Paul’s Cathedral under its massive archway. The cave has a moon-like landscape and from one vantage point, a perfect profile of US President Lincoln can be observed. Most evenings at sundown, a spectacular exodus of about 2 million of bats can be observed as they leave the cave in search of food. Next to Deer Cave is Lang’s Cave. The stalactites and stalagmites inside this cave are representative of the very best limestone formations in the park. Trek back to the Park H.Q. by torchlight

The rest of the evening is free at own leisure.


Day 6 MULU

In the morning proceed by longboat upriver to Wind Cave with its impressive ‘King’s Chamber’. Here, stalactites and stalagmites with delicate lace-like patterns are found. A short walk along a plank walk suspended to the limestone cliff leads to Clearwater Cave. Like most caves in Mulu, Clearwater Cave is the habitat of unique species of plants. One of them, the one-leafed plant can only be found at Mulu; rare species of orchids and pitcher plants can be seen in many locations and photo-sensitive algae grow on certain rocks and have produced needle-like formations that point towards the source of light. Clearwater Cave has a wonderful swimming area shaded by giant rain-forest trees. Have a simple packed picnic lunch at the Clearwater shelter before returning to Park Headquarters. Rest of the day free at leisure.



Pick-up from hotel lobby and transfer to airport for flight to Kota Kinabalu. Transfers to accommodation on arrival.



Packed Breakfast from hotel

Early morning transfer from Jesselton Hotel to Kota Kinabalu Airport.

Meet and assist upon arrival at Lahad Datu airport.  Transfer to Borneo Rain-forest Lodge office for registration.

0930 am Scheduled transfer from Lahad Datu to Danum valley on combine sharing basis (approx 2.5 hrs) – Danum Valley Conservation Area is Sabah’s largest protected area of lowland Dipterocarp forest preserved for conservation, research, education and training.

This Borneo Eden has over 200 species of trees per hectare, some of which are the oldest and tallest (and most diverse) in the world. An abundance of animal life such as the Orang utan, silver & red leaf monkey, Asian elephants, tarsiers and slow loris are found in this pristine jungle.

After lunch, trek through the nearby trails for an opportunity to observe some of the 124 species of mammals, 72 reptiles, 56 amphibians and over 325 species of birds living in this fascinating world of tropical rain-forest  (nature permitting).

At night, enjoy a night drive in an open air jeep in search of nocturnal animals. (Subject to availability, weather permitting & may be interchanged with the second night’s: “Night walk”)



Trek up Coffin Cliff to visit the ancient burial site, where wooden coffins are wedged along the cliff side before proceeding to the “View Point” for a bird’s eye view of the area. Descend to the “Jacuzzi Pool” for a refreshing dip.

Free at leisure in the afternoon. After dinner, enjoy a night walk  (weather permitting).



Included in the accommodation package is use of the activities by Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Please enjoy their rain-forest tour selection this morning.

Enjoy included lunch before check out and your 1.30 pm scheduled transfer from Danum Valley to Lahad Datu Airport to catch your flight back to Kota Kinabalu.

On arrival at Kota Kinabalu airport, you will be transferred to your hotel.



Traverse along Sabah’s Crocker Range to Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site nominated by UNESCO. En route stop to visit a Dusun Village and Nabalu Native market before proceeding to Kinabalu Park. Here, Mt. Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia towers majestically at 4095 m (13431 feet). Enjoy the cool air as you trek around the foothills to learn about the different unique plants of Borneo such as the carnivorous Nepenthes, rhododendrons & orchids.



Depart Kundasang, the montane oak-chestnut forest proceed to the lowland dipterocarp forest at Poring. Cross a Canopy walkway (built across the rain-forest canopy 100 feet above ground level) to view epiphytes growing on the tree tops.



Borneo Rainforest houses three very unique animals namely the Orang utan, the Proboscis Monkey and the Bornean Sunbear, Visit Sepilok, the world’s oldest Orang utan Sanctuary to learn more about this ape which shares 96.4% of the human genetic make-up. Then, proceed to Labuk Bay Sanctuary to meet the long nose Proboscis Monkey which is endemic to Borneo. Other wildlife such as hornbills and Silverleaf monkeys can be seen occasionally. After lunch, stop by the Bornean Sunbear Conservation Centre, home to the world’s smallest bear. Capture the charms of Sandakan with a city drive before stopping at the Sandakan Memorial Park. The park is dedicated to the memory of all the prisoners in the World War 2 camp formerly situated here, who died during the Sandakan Death Marches.



Transfer to Sandakan Jetty for your boat transfer (1½-hour) to Selingan Island. Located 40 km north of Sandakan, the island is one of the most important turtle breeding areas in South East Asia. A safe haven for endangered Green and Hawsbill turtles, this marine park is visited almost every night by turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs at night. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon swimming or strolling around the island. In the evening, after dinner, visit the Exhibition Centre while waiting for the Park Ranger to locate Turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. Witness the collecting of eggs from the nesting site, planting them in the hatchery and see little Turtles scrambling to the open sea upon release.



At 7.00 am, depart the island Sandakan to second visit Sepilok Orang utan Sanctuary,Take a short walk through the lowland dipterocarp forest.

Continue overland to Kinabatangan. Late in the afternoon, take an evening cruise in search of endemic Proboscis Monkeys, different species of birds and other wildlife along the river bank. Return to Lodge for dinner.



Wake up by the calls of gibbons and hornbills, after breakfast, 0700 depart back to Sandakan. En route stop to visit  Gomantong Birdnest Cave – 15 minutes walk on the plank walk to the cave.  Explore the largest bird’s nest cave in Sabah, home to millions of bats and swiflets.  The nest of the swiflets are collected for the famous Chinese edible bird nest soup.

Enjoy your lunch before transferring to Sandakan airport for your onward flight.



Sri Lanka - Crafted for a small group, culture, wildlife and history - Private coach and luxury rail


Arrive into Colombo International Airport and transfer to the nearby city of Negombo.


We start off our holiday in Sri Lanka with a tour of the Negombo fish market and harbour, Dutch church and port, Angurukaramulla Temple, St. Mary’s Church and the Hindu Temple. Time at leisure in the late afternoon to explore.


After breakfast we are off to Dambulla, with a visit to Dambulla Rock Caves Temple along the way. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the best preserved of Sri Lanka’s cave complexes and comprises over 80 caves.


This morning we are off to Anuradhapura; Sri Lanka’s ancient capital. A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the north central part of the Island, this was the first capital from 5th century BC to 9th century AD, and the centre of the island’s Buddhist civilization. It is also home to the oldest historically documented tree on earth, which is over 2,200 years old, the Sri Maha Bodhi. This tree is said to be from a sapling of the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment.


In the morning we visit the grand 5th century Sigiriya rock fortress and the remains of the palace on the top of the rock. The mid-level has a terrace with the Lion Gate and the mirror wall with its frescoes of the Heavenly Maidens. Afterwards we are off to learn the art of Sri Lankan cuisine. Together with the chef, we will wander through the vegetable paddies, picking vegetables for the class, then learn to cook using local spices and ancient techniques. We will finish the day with a visit to the village of Hiriwadunna for a guided walk to see the daily life of the farmers and to spot birds, and then a bullock cart ride through the paddy field.


This morning’s excursion takes us to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, considered to be one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the afternoon enjoy a jeep safari to Minneriya National Park and witness herds of wild elephants, sambar deer, leopards and various other wildlife species.


After breakfast we travel to Kandy, stopping along the way at the Matale Spice Plantations for a guided walk through the spice garden. In Kandy we will explore the town and visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic, which houses the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha before heading to the Gem museum. In the evening we’ll attend a cultural show.


We are off this morning to the Peradeniya Botanical Garden to view this 147-acre garden, first built as a pleasure garden by a Sinhala king and later expanded by the British. The afternoon is at leisure, giving time to explore this ancient city and its wonders.


Today we will journey by rail to Nuwara Eliya, winding our way through a truly beautiful landscape of mist-covered mountains and roaring waterfalls, considered one of the most scenic highlands of Sri Lanka. Later check into the hotel in Nuwara Eliya.


Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then we are off for a tea garden tour. The tea industry in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is over 150 years old. This industry was started by the British when Ceylon was a colony. Vestiges of the Colonial heritage are still evident, particularly in the tea growing regions. Remainder of day is free to relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings.


An early morning start and we travel from Nuwara Eliya to Yala, stopping at Ella along the way to take in the views of this beautiful part of Sri Lanka. The evening is at leisure to explore.


In the morning enjoy a safari at Yala National Park. Sri Lanka’s best known National Park is popular for seeing elephants, leopards, bears, crocodiles and wild boar. Extending over 97,800 hectares, this is the second largest of Sri Lanka’s National Parks and was recently made famous by National Geographic, who focused on the leopard conservation project being undertaken here. Then to Galle for a sightseeing tour of this ancient harbour town. Captured by the Portuguese in 1587 A.D., the Dutch in 1640 A.D., and the British in 1796 A.D. there is a lot of cultural mishmash to enjoy. After we head to your Beruwala hotel.


This morning we visit the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery where you can see many species of endangered turtles. The eggs collected by the villagers and fishermen are purchased by the Kosgoda Hatchery and kept in sandy pens until they hatch. The newly hatched ones are kept in tanks and released to the sea at night. This hatchery is known to have released more than 1,750,000 young turtles to the sea. We will then head to the Mask Factory in Ambalangoda to learn how this significant cultural art is made. These masks are famous ornaments used in on-stage dramas, and public events such as dances etc. Mask making is a very difficult process that takes years to master.


After breakfast the day is free at your leisure. The local beach or hotel pool are great spots to relax, or instead you can explore the surroundings.


Late morning we will transfer to Colombo for a city sightseeing tour, taking in the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, the New Parliament in Sri Jayewardenepura, the Folk Art Centre, Art Galleries, Parks, Independence Square, the Ceramic Corporation famous for its well-known brand “Noritake” and ODEL, the renowned shopping centre. After our sightseeing we have a farewell dinner at The Ocean Restaurant.


After breakfast we are off to the airport for our return journey home.

Whether it’s an adventure tour or a luxury ocean cruising experience  to your destination, we can put it all together. Let us make it easy and enjoyable for you, before and during your dream trip and contact the best in a Canterbury travel team today. 

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