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What is Spirit of Travel about?


serve travel clients across New Zealand and worldwide with outstanding service, personal experience, knowledge, and a belief in the transformative power of travel.


  are a travel-lover, wanting an experienced partner to craft a bespoke travel itinerary where you can discover, explore and connect with history, culture and people.


 we will design a personalised and enriched travel experience.

Meet Me – Ron Montgomery

My passion for all things foreign stemmed from an early age pouring over the much-loved pages of the home Atlas. National Geographic magazines were piled in stacks around my room and my father’s obsession with European history (especially Scandinavian) was infectious. As soon as I turned 18 I was out the door, out of the country and off to Paris where I lived in a little apartment and worked in a café while studying French. This experience profoundly changed my life in a myriad of ways, and now 2 decades and many countries later I get to help others with their journeys. I take great satisfaction when I see my clients have gotten what they were looking for from their holiday.

Favourite destination: It’s a close tie between India and Italy. India, with all the colours and chaos, incredible food and warmth of the people is still so vibrant in my mind years later, and every time I send clients off on their own journey there I wonder if I can sneak into their suitcase…and then Italy, passionate people, majestic countrysides and cobblestone streets. Go for a stroll, turn a corner and find yourself face to face with a building or site straight out of a movie. Italy is my favourite country to find a little outside pub or bar, order a local wine and lunch and watch the people and the world go by.

Destination I am dreaming about right now: South America, specifically Argentina and Buenos Aires. The “Europe of South America” with a very strong cafe culture, colonial architecture, Latin flavours like the tango, and wide avenues reminiscent of the Champs Elysee. It is also a great gateway for Iguazu Falls, Patagonia and the Antarctic. I’d happily spend a month there living like a local before a cruise to the Antarctic.

A close second would be a Botswana Safari in Africa before a self drive in Namibia.

Since 2015, Ron Montgomery, has been my travel planner on 5 holidays and cruises. He has always been professional, friendly and eager to please. Ron has an uncanny way of recommending little side trips, which have always been enjoyable.
Lyn Scanlan

I would like to recommend Ron Montgomery as a travel advocate. I am now on my third trip which Ron has helped organise and I have passed on his name to friends who have also become his clients. My first trip included a small ship cruise in Croatia, organised by Ron, which was excellent. He has been very skilled at finding good airfares, often on routes I would not have travelled if trying to book by myself on the Internet. Last year, Ron oversaw my trip to Russia (a waterway cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow), Scandinavia, northern Scotland and a bus tour of Iceland. This year I am working with him to organise a small group tour in India.

At all times, Ron is helpful and professional. His cheerful, friendly manner makes him easy to work with, and I feel valued as an individual, and listened to as he finds suggested tours, destinations and deals to meet my personal wishes.

Dr Jeni Curtis

My first time using Ron’s expertise was for a 7 week trip in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland and Russia last year. He was a delight to work with: enthusiastic, curious, efficient, knowledgeable, reliable and warmly responsive, leveled by a sense of humour.  What Ron didn’t already know he quickly uncovered, suggesting possibilities we hadn’t thought of and helping us weigh up and broker options to ensure we made the most of our time and resources. I’ll naturally be trusting him for all my trips from here on!

Ronnie Davis

Ron spoke at my networking group a few weeks ago and I was immediately impressed by his passion for what he does. At the time I was planning my trip to Europe and decided to ask Ron to help me and I am so glad I did! There were some obstacles to overcome and Ron navigated those like a pro. With Ron’s help, I was able to get a really good deal and I am very grateful for his expertise. I highly recommend using Ron to help you plan your next trip and be ready for an amazing customer experience!

Ellen van Ballegooji